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Kanisa’s Call is Gary and Connie Burkett

Gary grew up in the Louisville, Ky area and has been serving the Lord for many years. In 2001, at the age of 42, he went on his first mission trip to Honduras to construct a church building. While there in Honduras he decided that mission work was something that he wanted to be involved in. Over the next several years, Gary took multiple mission trips both to Honduras and around the U.S. doing construction projects. In the spring of 2007, he traveled to Africa on an evangelistic trip and knew immediately that evangelistic mission work was what God was calling him to. He has since traveled around the world to many countries sharing the Gospel.

Connie is from the Louisville area and has been involved in ministry and mission work almost as long as Gary. She also has traveled to Honduras, doing both construction work and teaching women in local churches. Through the years, Connie has been active in facilitating home Bible studies, teaching at local halfway houses for women, and numerous church-related activities. She is also responsible for running the administrative end of their mission organization. Connie has accompanied Gary on multiple trips and has traveled both to Africa and India. She shares the same passion with Gary; the desire to share the Gospel of Jesus with lost people and see them surrender their lives to Him.

Where did the name “Kanisa’s Call” come from?

Back in 2006, I was contemplating going to Africa for the first time. To be quite honest, I was a little nervous, but the prospect of sharing the Gospel and seeing such people and places intrigued me. I committed to prayer and fasting, asking God to give me a clear indication if this was His will or if it was just my sense of adventure. In the midst of this time of seeking, one night, I had a dream. Now, this was unlike any dream that I have ever had and immediately afterward I awoke, got out of bed, and wrote down a couple of details just so that I wouldn’t forget by morning. I wasn’t sure what it was about this dream, but I knew that there was some significance.

This Was The Dream

I was in a village in Africa, standing in a crowd at a wedding when the bride, a very beautiful, dark-skinned African woman turned to look at me. She was dressed in a long white wedding dress with a veil over her head. She looked me in the eyes, pointed her finger at me and said, “Gary, you must come to Africa.” I replied and asked her, “What is your name?” and she said; “Kanisa.” The dream was over. It was short and simple, and because I had never heard that word “Kanisa”, I got out of bed and wrote it down. The bride, named Kanisa, had asked me to come to Africa.

A few months later, I was in Africa; the D.R. Congo to be exact. I was sharing with some village pastors and began to tell this story. I said; “…the bride asked me to come and her name was Kanisa… is Kanisa a woman’s name?” I asked. At this point, my interpreter stopped interpreting, looked at me and asked; “Kanisa?” “In our language, Kanisa is church!” Immediately, I felt chills run up my back and across my arms. Of course! The bride is the church. Her name means church…only in Swahili.

How it is just like God to send me such a message. He spoke to me in a language that I didn’t know and then led me to the exact place where it would be interpreted, all to confirm to me that yes; this was His will.

So, it was that I received Kanisa’s Call. (God’s call)
And now you know the rest of the story.

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“Our heart is to go where no one else wants to go; to travel deep into the jungles, high into the mountains, and far out into the wilderness, finding the forgotten and overlooked people of the world and sharing the Good News of salvation with them. It is both exciting and fulfilling to be involved in the work of God”.

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